MEEN 439/689

Solar Energy Engineering

A Solar Energy Engineering course is offered in the Spring of 2017 to both graduate and undergraduate students.Lots of solar panels in a circle around a central base

The course is meant for the student to become familiar with the basic concepts of solar energy engineering. It is made up of 2/3 lecture, 1/3 lab. The lectures will teach concepts of solar radiation, solar photovoltaic, solar collectors, solar heating, concentrated solar, solar fuel generation, and economic analysis. The labs are hands-on and cover solar spectrum measurement, solar cell design and performance testing, and hydrogen production from solar water-splitting

By the end of the course, the students should know the principles of various solar energy Close up of a single, long solar panel.technologies. They will be able to estimate the energy needs for solar energy applications and should be able choose the appropriate engineering system and technology for the given application. Students will develop knowledge of engineering analysis for solar thermal and PV systems. The students will also gain valuable insights in issues surrounding solar energy development and use.


The course is taught by Dr. Ying Li (

The syllabus for MEEN 689 can be viewed here.

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