TypoSoil® System

Faculty and students helped the team celebrate the arrival of the TypoSoil® System, one of only three such devices in the world. The device simultaneously measures both the shrinkage and water potential curves of
8 soil samples at the same time. The soil shrinkage curve measures soil specific volume with reference to the gravimetric water content. The water retention curve, also known as the soil water characteristic curve, is measured in reference to the gravimetric water content. These two curves, as well as the swelling and conductivity curves, are necessary to define the hydrostructural behavior of soil, based on the SREV (Structural Representative Elementary Volume) concept developed by Braudeau and Mohtar (2009).
For more information and to explore collaboration opportunities, please contact: Amjad Assi, [amjad.assi at tamu.edu]



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