Data Science Approaches and Challenges – An NSF FEWS workshop

Responding to the NSF call, the workshop has a twofold goal: creating a vision of how data driven methods can make a significant contribution to understanding the nexus among WEF Systems, and identifying data science research needs to realize that vision. University of Minnesota organizers Shekhar, Mulla, bring together a program featuring WEF Nexus state-of-the-art. Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, Director, US Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture will keynote the workshop opening. Texas A&M’s Rabi H. Mohtar will present the WEF Nexus Overview. The workshop will host discussions to identify research challenges in understanding, appreciating and visualizing the interactions among the WEF systems. For more information about the workshop see [Data Science Approaches and Challenges]

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