Project: AquaticsRobotics – San Antonio River Authority (SARA), Texas5_Logo-SARA

Sponsor: Dr. Aarin Teague, SanAntonio River Authority

Team Members: Lauren Nemec, Hunter Teel, Spencer Corry, and James Veselka

Faculty Advisors: Gregory Stark and Dr. Alex Thomasson

BEAN senior year design team continues its partnership with SARA. This year the team is working on an innovative sample collection unit that can be controlled remotely. Current water sampling devices are stationary, very expensive, and frequently vandalized.
This year’s team was asked to design a mobile unit capable of collecting samples from lake, stream, or river using a device that enables either automatic collection or remotely triggered collection (which would allow the operator to identify the time of day and location of each sample). 5_SARA_lower_san_antonio_mapVehicles operators will by the aquatic environment to determine the best options for a remote, completely autonomous, or a possible combination of both.

The design objective is the ability to collect multiple 1L samples and carry them onboard a vehicle which uses interface navigation with GPS location, and has the ability to operate in any aquatic environment. The team divided the tasks, assigning interworking systems between team members to help manage the immensity of the design challenge. Constant communication between members ensures the interworking systems flow well together. Project deliverable includes a working prototype and a full report of the project, including operating instructions for the prototype.

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