Visiting Scholars

Picture of Dr. Al-Omari Abbas Al-Omari, Ph.D. (Research Gate)
Dr. Al – Omari is a senior researcher at the Water, Energy and Environment Center of the University of Jordan.  He received Ph.D. degree from Washington State University in May of 1999. His Ph.D. dissertation is in inverse chlorine modeling in municipal water supplies. He earned his master’s degree in 1994 in Civil Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara-Turkey. Dr. Al -Omari’s research interests are in water quality modeling in water distribution systems such as modeling the propagation and the decay of constituents found in drinking water supplies i.e. chlorine and tri-halomethanes, water energy nexus, and water energy food nexus, optimum water allocation among competing demands, Non-Revenue Water, surface water quality modeling, water resources management in addition to water and wastewater treatment and reuse. Dr. Al-Omari has over thirty five publications in refereed journals and international conferences in addition to many unpublished technical reports. He also participated in organizing several international conferences and workshops as well. Dr. Al-Omari has also served as a scientific committee member in several international conferences. He is also a reviewer for several first class international journals. Over his career, Dr. Al-Omari has supervised about fifteen master’s students from Jordan and from abroad. Dr. Al-Omari is also well connected with regional and international water scientist and expert. Dr. Al-Omari is awarded a Fulbright grant to join the WEF nexus team at Texas A & M for the academic year 2017/2018.
SangHyunLee1 Sang-Hyun Lee, Ph.D. (Research Gate)
Sang-Hyun is a visiting scientist at Texas A&M University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. He earned his Ph.D. in Rural Systems Engineering at Seoul National University, where his work focused on agricultural water use and demand, the water footprint, and virtual water trade. Dr. Lee’s current research interests lie in the water, food and trade nexus, with emphasis on consideration of the relationship between factors such as water footprint, virtual water trade, global drought, and climate change. Sang-Hyun applies the water footprint and virtual water trade concepts as useful connecters to the water, food, and the trade nexus: virtual water trade analysis, viewed from a network approach, helps explain the relationship between trade and drought. Dr. Lee’s research has persuaded him that understanding both the crop water-use process and network approach tools (system dynamics and GIS) is essential to grasping how these factors interact with water management in complex systems.

Previous Visiting Scholars

A_DEGIRMEN-1 Adnan Degirmencioglu, Ph.D. (Research Gate)
Professor Degirmencioglu is a visiting scientist at Texas A&M University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Degirmencioglu’s expertise is in power and machinery, focused mostly on Dimensional Analysis, Mathematical Modelling and Optimization. He teaches Undergraduate Courses in Statics & Dynamics, Strengths of Materials & Machine Components, and graduate courses in Mathematical Modeling Applications, Advanced Soil and Plant Mechanics and Power transmission Mechanics. Degirmencioglu has published 12 peer-reviewed papers and attended many international conferences, giving 35 oral presentations. He has held various administrative roles at Ege University, most recently, as chairperson of the Department of Agricultural Engineering & Technology (2009-2011). Adnan joins the Texas A&M WEF NEXUS team to conduct a study titled “Strategic Planning of Natural Resources: Dynamic Modeling of Water, Energy and Food Nexus for the Gediz Basin- Turkey”.  The work is expected to help enable a Nexus case for the country of Turkey in the future. He holds a B.S. (1983) and M.S. (1985) in Agricultural Machinery from Ege University, Izmir-Turkey, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (1997).
martin_219 Martin Keulertz, Ph.D. (Research Gate)
Martin is a post-doctoral research associate in the Department for Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University where he works on  policy aspects of the water-energy-food nexus. Dr. Keurletz holds a Ph.D. at King’s College London, University of London (2013). His previous research addressed foreign direct investment in agriculture, and took him to 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. Martin’s research interests include water, energy and food policy, agricultural subsidies, natural resources cost accounting and international agricultural trade. He has published 15 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and also enjoys organizing academic conferences to promote networks between scientists, policy-makers and private sector decision-makers.

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