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Jennifer Dargin is a Massachusetts-native, public health-turned- civil engineering student with a passion for learning foreign languages and living sustainably. While pursuing a degree in Public Health with a focus in Global Environmental Health and Sustainability from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, she helped lead a community development project to improve the water infrastructure system of a remote Haitian village. Jennifer went on to spend her final year in Jordan and Turkey to study firsthand the region’s environmental health challenges and public health response to Syria’s refugee crisis. She also conducted an independent study on water conservation practices in Jordan. Her experience in the water-stressed region inspired her leap into civil engineering at Texas A&M University, where she is now a Graduate Research Assistant with the WEF Nexus Research Group. Her current research focuses on the application of computational technologies to the water-energy- food nexus. More specifically, she is interested in finding sustainable approaches to maximizing the use of green water in agriculture as a means for improving water and food security.
mary_web Mary Schweitzer joined the Nexus team as Program Manager in August 2014. She brings rich experience in international work and in administration. She came to Texas from Purdue University’s Global Engineering Program where she developed and enriched opportunities for international experiences in engagement, learning and research. Mary has organized numerous international meetings focused on agriculture development and resource management. With Mohtar, she helped develop global service learning opportunities in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, and contributed substantially to diversity and inclusion opportunities for the international community at Purdue. Between 2000 and 2008, Mary worked with US and Middle East institutions and research groups facilitating sustainable cooperative research partnerships in agricultural science: organizing regional workshop and short courses. She has experience in administering peer review programs, public relations, and program development, including consideration of political factors that may impact program operations. Mary also has substantial experience in working with NGOs and in peace and human rights activism.

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