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Analysis of Mass Transfer Processes During Advective Air Movement in Contaminated Soil– Rabi Mohtar (2004)

Analysis of the characteristics of the global virtual water trade network using degree and eigenvector centrality, with a focus on food and feed crops– Sang-Hyun Lee1, Rabi H. Mohtar, Jin-Yong Choi, and Seung-Hwan Yoo (2016)

A peridynamic model of flow in porous media– Rami Jabakhanji, Rabi H Mohtar (2015)

Application of multiphase transport models to field remediation by air sparging and soil vapor extraction– M.E. Rahbeh a, R.H. Mohtar (2006)

A Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20 Percent– ReFED (2016)

Avoiding Collapse: An agenda for sustainable degrowth and relocalizing the economy– William E. Rees (2014)

Bridging the Water and Food Gap: The Role of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus– Rabi H. Mohtar, Amjad T. Assi, Bassel T. Daher (2015)

Characterizing Nonrigid Aggregated Soil-Water Medium Using its Shrinkage Curve– Erik Braudeau, Jean-Pierre Frangi, and Rabi H. Mohtar (2004)

Development of a Life Cycle Assessment Model for the Analysis of the Energy, Water and Food Nexus– Tareq Al-Ansari, Anna Korre, Zhenggang Nie, Nilay Shah (2014)

Ecosystem services lost to oil and gas in North America– Brady W. Allred,  W. Kolby Smith, Dirac Twidwell, Julia H. Haggerty, Steven W. Running, David E. Naugle, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf (2015)

Energy Demands on Water Resources– DOE (2006)

Energy Implications of Water Transfer: Understanding Tradeoffs and Identifying Options– Sa’d A. Shannak (2015)

Estimation of potential water requirements using water footprint for the target of food self-sufficiency in South Korea– Sang-Hyun Lee (2015)

Evaluation of the Dependency and Intensity of Virtual Water Trade in Korea– Sang-Hyun Lee, Seung-Hwan Yoo, Jin-Yong Choi, and Ankook Shin (2015)

Evaluation of the Predictive Ecological Model for the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan: An Interim Report as Part of Phase 2– Committee (2016)

Field and numerical analysis of in-situ air sparging: a case study– M.L. Benner, S.M. Stanford, L.S. Lee, R.H. Mohtar (2000)

Global Risks– WEF (2015)

Governing the Nexus– UNU-FLORES (2015)

Hey, America: It’s time to talk about the price of water-Cynthia Barnett (2015)

Integrative Environmental Modeling– Erik Braudeau, Rabi Mohtar (2014)

Modeling the Swelling Curve for Packed Soil Aggregates Using the Pedostructure Concept– Erik Braudeau and Rabi H. Mohtar (2006)

Physics of the soil medium organization part2: pedostructure characterization through measurement and modeling of the soil moisture characteristic curves– Amjad T. Assi, Joshua Accola, Gaghik Hovhannissian, Rabi H. Mohtar, and Erik Braudeau (2014)

Present and future of the water-energy-food nexus and the role of the community of practice– Rabi H. Mohtar and Richard Lawford (2016)

Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy, & Food Nexus– IRENA (2015)

Roots For The Future– IUNC, GGCA (2015)

Shopping for Water: How the Market Can Mitigate Water Shortages in the American West– Peter W. Culp, Robert Glennon, and Gary Libecap (2014)

Southern Plains Drought Outlook Summary– National Weather Service, Southern Region Headquarters, Regional Operations Center (2015)

Sustainable Consumption For Better Resource Management in Arab Countries– AFED (2015)

Sustainability in the water–energy–food nexus– Anik Bhaduri, Claudia Ringler, Ines Dombrowski, Rabi Mohtar & Waltina Scheumann (2015)

Sustainable Water Consumption in Arab Countries– Waleed Al-Zubari (2015)

The USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program: Needs, Establishment, and Goals of a Water Census– Ari M. Michelsen, Sonya Jones, Eric Evenson, and David Blodgett (2016)

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Arid Regions: The Politics of Problemsheds– Martin Keulertz, Jeannie Sowers, Eckart Woertz, and Rabi Mohtar (2016)

Thirsty Energy– Diego J. Rodriguez, Anna Delgado, Pat DeLaquil, Antonia Sohns (2013)

Texas Water Technology Roadmap Forum– (2015)

To what end? Drip irrigation and the water-energy-food nexus in Morocco– Guy Jobbins, Jack Kalpakian, Abdelouahid Chriyaa, Ahmed Legrouri and El Houssine El Mzouri (2014)

Ven Te Chow Memorial Lecture: Localizing water and food security– Rabi H. Mohtar (2015)

Walking the Nexus Talk: Assessing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Context of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative– Alessandro Flammini, Manas Puri, Lucie Pluschke, Olivier Dubois (2014)

Water, Energy, and Food Nexus: A Basis for Resource Planning– Bassel T. Daher and Rabi H. Mohtar (2015)

Water–energy–food (WEF) Nexus Tool 2.0: guiding integrative resource planning and decision-making– Bassel T. Daher & Rabi H. Mohtar (2015)

Water, Energy, and Food: The Ultimate Nexus– Rabi H. Mohtar, Bassel Daher (2012)

Water Security (Mohtar Chapter: New Economic Frameworks for Decision-Making)– Rabi Mohtar (2011)

What’s blocking sustainability? Human nature, cognition, and denial– William Rees (2010)

Why resilience is unappealing to social science: Theoretical and empirical investigations of the scientific use of resilience– Lennart Olsson, Anne Jerneck, Henrik Thoren, Johannes Persson, David O’Byrne (2015)

World Energy Focus– World Energy Council (March 2015)

World Energy Focus– World Energy Council (June 2015)

Available Books:

Title Ed Authors Pub Date
Adapting to Climate Change: the role of science and data in responding to opportunities and challenges in the water-soil-waste nexus 3rd ed Lawford, Richard 2015
Applied Hydrology 4th ed Fetter, C.W. 2001
Aquaponic Gardening: A step-by-step guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish together Bernstein, Sylvia 2011
Biology of Microorganisms 4th ed Brock, Thomas D. Smith, David W. Madigan, Michael T. 1984
Bridging the water and food gap: the role of the water-energy-food Nexus 5th ed Mohtar, Rabi H. Assi, Amjad T. Daher, Bassel T. 2015
Connecting the Theory to Practice: Computer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering 7th ed Haestad methods Engineering Staff 2007
DARE’s Dictionary of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (Eng-Fr-Arabic) Mohamed, A.M.O. Chenaf, D. El-Shahed, S. 2000
Desalination Engineering Darwish, Mohamed Ali 2015
Design Hydrology and Sedimentology for Small Catchments Haan, C.T. Barfield, B.J. Hayes, J.C. 1994
Design of a Laboratory Scale Air Sparging Apparatus Benner, Michael Mohtar, Rabi H. 1997
Development of Pedotransfer Functions in Soil Hydrology Vol 30 Pachepsky, Ya. Rawls, W. J. 2004
Developments in Agricultural Engineering 9: Trickle Irrigation for Crop Production – Design, Operation, and Mangement Nakayama, F.S. Bucks, D.A. 1986
Dimensional Analysis and Thoery of Models Langhaar, Henry L. 1951
Distributed Hydrologi Modeing Using GIS Vieux, Baxter E. 2001
Drainage Engineering Luthin, James N. 1978
Elementary Soil and Water Engineering 3rd ed Schwab, Glenn O. Frevert, Richard K. 1993
Elementary surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics 12th ed Ghilani, Charles D Wolf, Paul R. 2008
Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics 11th ed Wolf, Paul R. Ghilani, Charles D 2006
Elements of Environmental Engineering: Thermodynamics and Kinetics 2nd ed Valsaraj, Kalliat T. 2000
Encyclopedia of Water Science Stewart, B.A. Howell, Terry A. 2003
Environmental Engineers’ Handbook 2nd ed Liu, David H.F. Liptak, Bela G. 1997
Environmental Hydrology Ward, Andy D. Elliot, William J. 1995
Environmental Hydrology 3rd ed Ward, Andy D. Trimble, Stanley W. Burckhard, Suzette 2016
Environmental Modeling: Fate and Transport of Pollutants in Water, Air, and Soil Schnoor, Jerald L. 1996
Frequency and Risk Analysis in Hydrology Kite, G. W. 1988
Fundamentals of Soil Ecology Coleman, David C. Crossley Jr.,  D.A. Hendrix, Paul F. 2004
Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices 2nd ed Coduto, Donald P. Yeung, Man-Chu Ronald Kitch, William A. 2011
Groundwate Science Fitts, Charles R. 2002
Handbook of Hydrology Maidment, David R. 1993
Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis 5th ed Bedient, Philip B. Huber, Wayne C. Vieux, Baxter E. 2013
Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems 2nd ed Gupta, Ram S. 2001
Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds 2nd ed Brooks, Kenneth N. Folliott, Pete F. Gregersen, Hans M. 1997
Hydrology for Engineerings, Geologists, and Environmental Professionals: An integrated treatment of surface, subsurface, and contaminant Hydrology Serrano, Sergio E. 1997
Hydrology: An Environmental Approach – Theory and Applications of Ground Water and Surface Water for Engineers and Geologists Watson, Ian Burnett, Alister D. 1995
Introduction to Agricultural Engineering: A Problem Solving Approach 2nd ed Roth, Lawrence O. Field, Harry L. 1999
Introduction to Environmental Engineering Mines, Richard O. Lackey, Laura W. 2009
Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science 3rd ed Masters, Gilbert M. Ela,Wendell P. 2008
Introduction to Environmental Soil Physics Hillel, Daniel 2004
Introduction to Hydrology 5th ed Viessman Jr., Warren Lewis, Gary L. 2002
Introduction to Remote Sensing 2nd ed Cracknell, Arthur P. Hayes, Ladson 2007
Management of Farm Irrigation Systems Hoffman, G. J. Howell, T.A. Solomon, K.H. 1990
Numerical methods for Engineers and Scientist 2nd ed Hoffman, Joe D. 1992
Open Channel Hydraulics Chow, Ven Te 1959
Physical Hydrology 2nd ed Dingman, S. Lawrence 2002
Principles of Farm Irrigation System Design James, Larry J. 1988
Principles of Surface Water Quality Modeling and Control Thomann, Robert V. Mueller, John A. 1987
Soil and Water Conservation 2nd ed Troeh, Frederick R. Hobbs, J. Arthur Donahue, Roy L. 1991
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 4th ed Schwab, Glenn O. Fangmeier, Delmar D. Elliot, William J. 1993
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 5th ed Fangmeier, Delmar D. Elliot, William J. Workman, Stephen R. 2006
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 6th ed Huffman, Rodney L. Fangmeier, Delmar D. Elliot, William J. 2011
Soil and Water Management Systems 4th ed Schwab, Glenn O. Fangmeier, Delmar D. Elliot, William J. 1996
Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming Laflen, John M. Tian, Junliang Huang, Chi-Hua 2000
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers 4th ed Tisdale, Samuel L. Nelson, Werner L. Beaton, James D. 1985
Soil Properties: Testing, Measurement, and Evaluation 6th ed Liu, Cheng Evett, Jack B. 2009
Soils and Environmental Quality 3rd ed Pierzynski, Gary M. Sims, J. Thomas Vance, George F. 2005
Soils and Foundations 8th ed Liu, Cheng Evett, Jack B. 2014
Soils and Foundations 7th ed Liu, Cheng Evett, Jack B. 2008
Statistical Methods in Hydrology 2nd ed Haan, Charles T. 2002
Sub-Surface Stochastic Flow and Transport Model (AIRFIX) Documentation Michel, Rahbeh Sammons, Rhea Martin, Akilah 2002
Surface/Subsurface Flow Equations Interactions: Identifying Sources of Groundwater Contamination Vieux, B. Segerlind, L. Mohtar, Rabi H. 1990
Surveying Fundamentals and Practices 6th ed Nathanson, Jerry Lanzafama, Michael T. Kissam, Philip 2011
Systems Thinking for Advancing a NEXUS approach to water, soil, and waste 2nd ed Alcamo, Joseph 2015
the Handbook of Grounwater Engineerig Delleu, Jacques W. 1999
The Nexus of Soil, Water, and Waste Lal, Rattan 2015
Water as a Human Right for the Middle East and North Africa Biswas, Asit K. Rached, Eglal Tortajada, Cecilia 2008
Water Resources Engineering Wurbs, Ralph A. James, Wesley P. 2002
Water-Resources Engineering 2nd ed Chin, David A. 2006

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