Book Chapters & Reports

Book Chapters & Reports (see also Books)

Krisht, Ghida, Said, Rania Bou, Aboujaoude, Lena, Hajjar, Tia, Kamaleddine, Farah, Soufi, Abdul Rahman, Bashour, Isam, Yanni, Sandra F., Mohtar, Rabi and Dare, Anne (2024) Irrigating With Treated Wastewater. In: Abraham, Martin A. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies, 2nd Edition, vol. 2, pp. 635–651. Oxford: Elsevier.  download 

Bachour, R., Yanni, S., Daher, B., Jaafar, H., Ajour, S. & Mohtar, R. 2024. Water–energy–food–health nexus in Lebanon – Case study. SOLAW21 Technical background report. Rome, FAO. download

Beth Kinne, Darrin Magee, Bruce McCarl, Rabi Mohtar, Robert Richardson, Benjamin L. Ruddell, Peter Saundry, Lara Treemore Spears (2020). Opportunities at the Nexus. In The Food-Energy-Water Nexus (Chapter 21). Peter Saundry and Bengamin Ruddell (Editors). AESS Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series. (first textbook on the integration of food, energy and water systems (FEWS)). ISBN-10:3030299139; ISBN-13:9783030299132. Springer International. download chapter

Bahn, Rachel A.; Juergenliemk, Armine; Zurayk, Rami; Debroux, Laurent; Broka, Sandra; Mohtar, Rabi. 2021. Digital Revitalization of the Agri-food Sector in Mashreq. Focus on Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. Washington, DC: World Bank. download

Martin Keulertz and Rabi Mohtar. 2020. Governing the ‘Water-Energy-Food Nexus’ on the National Level. In Luomi, M., Fuller, G., Dahan, L., Lisboa Båsund, K., de la Mothe Karoubi, E. and Lafortune, G. 2019. Arab Region SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2019. (Pg 23-26). Abu Dhabi and New York: SDG Centre of Excellence for the Arab Region/Emirates Diplomatic Academy and Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Pg 23-26.

Emre Eftelioglu, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Rabi Mohtar, Benjamin Ruddell, Peter Saundry, and Shashi Shekhar. (2020). Applying Science to Practice. In The Food-Energy-Water Nexus (Chapter 17). Peter Saundry and Bengamin Ruddell (Editors). AESS Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series. (first textbook on the integration of food, energy and water systems (FEWS)). ISBN-10:3030299139; ISBN-13:9783030299132. Springer International

Rabi Mohtar and Amjad Assi (2019) The Role of New and Green Water Resources in Localizing Water and Food Security Under Arid and Semi-Arid Conditions in The Oxford Handbook of Food, Water and Society Tony Allan, Brendan Bromwich, Martin Keulertz, and Anthony Colman (Editors) DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190669799.013.45

Martin Keulertz and Rabi Mohtar (2019) Governance and Cooperation over Food and SDG2 in the Arab Region. EDA Insight Research and Analysis. Emirates Diplomatic Academy.

Carmona-Moreno, C., Dondeynaz, C., Beidler, M. (Editors); (Collaborating Expert: Mohtar) (2018) Position Paper on Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). JRC Technical Reports. EUR 29509. Print ISBN 978-92-76-00159-1 ISSN 1018-5593 doi:10.2760/31812 KJ-NA-29509-EN-C; PDF ISBN 978-92-79-98276-7 ISSN 1831-9424 doi:10.2760/5295 KJ-NA-29509-EN-N.

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Daher, Bassel, Rabi H. Mohtar, S-H. Lee, A. Assi. 2017. Modeling the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: a 7-Question Guideline. In Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Principles and Practices, Geophysical Monograph 229, First Edition. Edited by P. Abdul Salam, Sangam Shrestha, Vishnu Prasad Pandey, and Anil Kumar Anal. 2017 American Geophysical Union. Volume 229; 57 pages; John Wiley & Sons.

Mohtar R.H., Assi A.T., Daher B.T. 2017 Current Water for Food Situational Analysis in the Arab Region and Expected Changes Due to Dynamic Externalities. In: Amer K., Adeel Z., Böer B., Saleh W. (eds) The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region. Water Security in a New World. Springer, Cham. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-48408-2_10.

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