Clean Energy Ministry: Energy-Water Nexus workshop

CEMpostMohtar invited to Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Energy-Water Nexus workshop. During the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial meeting (CEM5) in Seoul (May 2014), the public-private roundtable on the energy-water nexus generated significant interest and enthusiasm from CEM governments and roundtable participants. The roundtable focused on current and future challenges relevant to the increasing interdependence of energy and water systems, and identified opportunities for progress and planning frameworks to address these challenges in the context of clean energy solutions. There was a general consensus among participants that work on the energy-water nexus should continue within the CEM. At the end of the two-day meeting, delegations called for the CEM Secretariat to explore a new work stream on the energy-water nexus.

In response to the directive from CEM delegates, and based on the input and feedback received from CEM governments, the CEM Secretariat developed four initial proposals that could be carried out as part of a new CEM energy-water nexus work stream. These work streams include data and tools for integrated energy-water planning; powering desalination with renewable and clean energy; efficient technologies and practices for water and wastewater utilities; and clean energy technologies for efficient energy and water use in agriculture. These topics areas will form the basis for further discussions at the CEM energy-water workshop, which will feed into dialogue on the CEM Energy-Water Nexus work stream at the Sixth Clean Energy Ministerial in May 2015.

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